What Can I Do?

Support the HB 4326 Illinois Ballot Integrity Act


Getting involved doesn’t take much more than just deciding for yourself that Election Integrity is an important matter. Often people think that such issues are “too big,” or ask, “what can one person do?”  Here are some thought-starters that can help answer those questions:

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fair and transparent elections are the cornerstone of American democracy

Find Out More. Why do we need to audit the vote? Since 2002, elections have been privatized by vendors who program the machines, registration rolls, electronic poll books, ballots, and the tabulation of the results. Yet, virtually nothing is publicly known regarding how the machines interpret your choices on the ballot, since the software is deemed secret and proprietary. In Illinois, no Election Day audit is in place to determine if the votes cast match the actual outcome.


What we do know:  Argonne security experts wirelessly and remotely hacked the same type of voting machine used in over 58% counties in Illinois, especially during early voting. However, all voting machines—including optical scan machines—are vulnerable. The voter registration database in Illinois was hacked in 2016, yielding information on 200,000 voters, including driver’s licenses and social security numbers. Security remains an issue.


Related image CALLS: Representatives get few phone calls from their constituents on issues, so your call really matters. Five members sit on the Rules Committee (See below)

Related image Please Call the Chair Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie, (217) 782-8121 or (773) 667-0550, to ask her to support a hearing for HB 4326, the Illinois Ballot Integrity Act (now renamed " Elec CD-Equipment/Audits").


SEND: Copy and paste an emailed, electronic POSTCARD (see below) showing your support for an Election Day audit, so that voters can have confidence in election results.



Write, Call, Fax E-mail our state and local election officials.  Visit their websites. Tell them that the security and accuracy of your vote matters. Ask them what assurance they can provide that your ballot will be counted and tallied as you intended, and that the voting process is secure from being hacked.


Illinois State Board of Elections:                        http://www.elections.il.gov/

Cook County Clerk (David Orr):                   http://www.cookcountyclerk.com/Pages/default.aspx

Chicago Board of Election Commissioners:  http://www.chicagoelections.com/

Find other election officials here:  http://www.elections.il.gov/ElectionAuthorities/ElecAuthorityList.aspx


Write a Letter to the Editor.  Along with the “big media,” don’t overlook Pioneer Press, the Reader. Evanston Roundtable, Daily Herald and similar local publications - your chances are better with less competition.


Volunteer.  Become a Deputy Registrar – help get out the vote.  Apply to become an election judge – or a poll-watcher – what better way to collect information than from the inside! 

Join a Group.  There’s power in numbers!


Text Box: Our democracy is at stake and YOU can make a difference.




To get started, visit our “Getting Involved” page, http://www.ballot-integrity.org/involved.htm.  You’ll find many helpful documents there.  Also check out our “Resources” page, http://www.ballot-integrity.org/resources.htm.  The choice is yours – but we urge you to take action.


Dear Rep. Barbara Flynn Curie:

Illinois voters need to be assured that electronic voting machines, both optical scan and touchscreens, are tallying the vote as they intended.  Voting machines have been shown to be vulnerable to hacking. Recently, security vulnerability scientists demonstrated how they could remotely and wirelessly change the vote. 


I urge you to support HB 4326, which would provide an election day audit of a random sample of 10% of votes cast


Name ___________________________________________________________________



City, State, Zip____________________________________________________________




100th General Assembly—Rules Committee


Representative Barbara Flynn Currie (D)
25th District

Majority Leader

Photograph of  Representative  Barbara Flynn Currie (D)


Springfield Office:

300 Capitol Building

Springfield, IL   62706

(217) 782-8121

(217) 524-1524 FAX



District Office:

1303 E. 53rd Street

Chicago, IL  60615

(773) 667-0550

(773) 667-3010 FAX




Representative Tom Demmer (R)

90th District

Republican Conference Chairperson

Photograph of  Representative  Tom Demmer (R)


Springfield Office:

314 Capitol Building

Springfield, IL   62706

(217) 782-0535



District Office:

1221 Currency Court

Suite B

Rochelle, IL  61068

(815) 561-3690


Email: demmer@ilhousegop.org

Rperesentative Dan Brady (R)
105th District

Deputy Republican Leader

Photograph of  Representative  Dan Brady (R)


Springfield Office: 

314 Capitol Building 

Springfield, IL   62706  

(217) 782-1118 




District Office:

104 W. North Street

Normal, IL  61761

(309) 662-1100

(309) 662-1150 FAX


Email: dan@rep-danbrady.com


Representative Arthur Turner (D)
9th District
Deputy Majority Leader

Photograph of  Representative  Arthur Turner (D)


Springfield Office:

109 Capitol Building

Springfield, IL   62706

(217) 782-8116

(217) 782-0888 FAX



District Office:

3849 West Ogden Avenue

Chicago, IL  60623

(773) 277-4700

(773) 277-4703 FAX


Email: arthurt@ilga.gov


Representative Lou Lang (D)
16th District

Deputy Majority Leader

Photograph of  Representative  Lou Lang (D)


Springfield Office:

300 Capitol Building

Springfield, IL   62706

(217) 782-1252

(217) 782-9903 FAX



District Office:

4121 Main Street

Skokie, IL  60076

(847) 673-1131

(847) 982-0393 FAX


Email: langli@ilga.gov