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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Thank you for visiting the Illinois Election-Problems Clearinghouse! If you have not yet voted, please review our press release, "Don't Vote Early".

The February 5 primary will be the fifth election in which Chicago and Cook County will depend on electronic voting machines. The first two elections, in 2006, were so stricken with problems that the national newsmedia compared Chicago to Florida; and both Chicago and Cook County suspended payments to the voting-machine vendor. Despite assurances from the vendor, these problems recurred in last year's elections.

In the face of such continued setbacks, we again offer this blog--
1) To help citizens route their reports of election problems.
2) To collect and preserve citizens' writeups of problems.
3) To allow each citizen to publish his/her writeup on the Internet--
instantly, word for word. (We believe this service to be a first.)

So, jump right in! Use these links to--
Call in a problem that needs immediate attention.
Read the latest reports. (Click here, or just scroll down.)
Post your written report (as a "comment").
Publish an audio or video record of a problem.
Review archived reports. (See list at top right of this page.)
Contact the clearinghouse moderator.

If current reports aren't easily viewable here, try this alternate page.

Thanks for participating. And keep checking back!


  • At 6:39 AM, Blogger Roy Lipscomb said…

    Here are the Posting Guidelines:
    * Very long reports are OK.
    * Please specify--
       1) your county,
       2) your town,
       3) your ward,
       4) the date and time of occurrence.
    * Your name and precinct are desirable, but optional.
    * You may use "Anonymous" as your identity.
    * Check back later for responses.


  • At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Neal Resnikoff said…

    I learned today (January 31, 2008) that early voting in Chicago requires the prospective voter to show a government issued photo ID. This seems like the camel's nose under the tent on this contentious issue, since in our computer age judges should be able to verify signatures just as they are during the regular election. The regular election does not require the prospective voter to show a government ID. --Neal Resnikoff

  • At 12:29 PM, Blogger Roy Lipscomb said…

    An extensive list of problems experienced by Green Party members in Illinois has been posted on their website at


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