Monday, February 15, 2010

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They say there are two things you don't want to see being made: Sausage, and legislation. Add a third: "elections."

Problems abound before, during, and after elections: Equipment failures, human error, mishaps. Not to mention malfeasance. Most fly under the radar. What does get aired is often filtered, pruned, condensed, and slanted to suit the publisher, whether newspaper, broadcaster, or government office.

What citizens really need are outlets where they can publish their own personal eye-witness reports—complete and intact, without filtering, editing, or watering down. Outlets that empower citizens to pin down, engage, and ultimately root out the deficiencies that corrupt our elections.

Outlets like the Texas Elections Incidents Hotsheet.

Our site is designed to help you easily—
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Karen Renick
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P. S. Please don't vote before election day! To find out why, click here.

(VoteRescue would like to thank Roy Lipscomb of the Illinois Ballot Integrity Project who helped set up this Hotsheet.)


Grant Rostig for County Commissioner #4 said...


I won my primary by two votes. My opponent has filed for a recount. I need volunteers to help assure a fair recount in the next few days. The recount will be in Lockhart TX just south of Austin. Please call me at 512 394 3521 or email grant AAATTT

Anonymous said...

our city elections had a councilman run with sole intention of rsigning after election so mayor could then appoint who HE wanted on the council not the two people that ran for the seat that wanted to serve.

He won closely and did resign while the Mayor kept it a secret until last week when the council voted to appoint a gentleman that has yet to show up to be sworn in - nor did he run in May's election.

this has to be illegal

T said...

I recently purchased a CD of voter data--the complete voter list for the May 10, 2008 Election. If you can give me any suggestions on how to proceed analyzing this data, I would sure appreciate it. Thanks for your important work.

Turley Thornton
35 Kit Carson Ln
Lubbock, TX 79404

T said...

I see some guidelines, My county is Lubbock, My town is Lubbock, My precinct is #2

Turley Thornton
35 Kit Carson Ln
Lubbock, TX 79404

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